Could not love anything more about this wedding, and this couple. I met Casey through our neighborhood, and come to find out, I designed one of her good friends wedding invitations about 2 years prior. So it was a perfect match. But good lord, this wedding. Goes to show you that a small and intimate wedding can be pretty much perfection. Casey showed me one picture of a dusty blue flag pole waving on a beach and said "this perfectly describes the wedding." Could not agree with her more. The wedding was stunning, Casey and Dan were incredible. And they did one of my favorite traditions that most couples are scared to do. They got dressed together before the ceremony...Dan even helped Casey into her dress! Right after I opened Just Ink On Paper, I had one couple do this. I must have looked at them with a look on my face that said "that's bad luck to see the bride before the wedding!". Her reply, "if we don't make it as a couple, it won't be because we saw each other before the ceremony." Casey and Dan's pictures from those moments are some of the sweetest I have ever seen. Congratulations Casey and Dan!

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