Dusty Lavender and Pewter, NOT lavender and black...that was the theme of these invitations. I met Holly and Nick at the Baltimore Magazine Aisle Style Bridal Show last March, where they immediately gravitated towards the Parisian Collection for their wedding this October in Baltimore. Holly and I poured over the hundreds of PMS inks to choose the perfect shade of lavender, a color that was almost a sepia-toned lavender if you will, a term that we kept using to describe it. We finally hit on the perfect color, one that was more "dusty" than your typical "sweet" lavender. We complimented it with a dark gray ink, not black, to produce the same kind of look as the lavender, something a little more subdued. The Parisian is one of my favorite designs, and one that works beautifully with Holly's color palette.

Holly and Nick are the most perfectly gorgeous couple, with an equally perfect proposal story (complete with the "aww" factor) I read on their website. Looking forward to posting some photos of their ceremony and reception items for their wedding at the 1840's Ballroom next weekend.