Perhaps one of my favorite projects to date for Just Ink On Paper. Sheilah and Chris came to me looking for custom invitations for their DC wedding this past October at The Fairfax at Embassy Row. A stunning location with presidential ties (the restaurant within the Hotel was a favorite of Jackie O's).

Both Sheilah and Chris have strong connections with DC and wanted to tie that into their wedding stationery. The challenge was to incorporate that without looking too "touristy". Their pieces were designed to be a "nod" to DC without being a blatant image. The Save The Dates worked perfectly with the decor of The Farifax, something very important to Sheilah. The wax seal came from a brainstorming session one afternoon while looking at a few designs and plays a prominent factor in their invitations as well. What I love about these save the dates is the incorporation of the black pocketfold. I think a few brides shy away from black for fear of looking to harsh, but it can be done beautifully.


Kate contacted me looking for a way to incorporate her engagement photo into her save the dates. After talking with her and realizing that most of her guest list is out out town, I recommended a pocketfold with an accommodations card and using her engagement photo as a tag to close the piece. Kate wanted very traditional and classic save the dates and invitations and mentioned that her parents have their own wedding invitations framed and displayed in their home. One of the philosopshy's behind Just Ink On Paper is creating invitations that will stand the test of time. A design that when looked back on in 30 years, will still hold up. So I was right on board with Kate's classic taste.

We decided to create a very soft feel for her save the dates, a metallic snow white pocketfold with a hint of pale pink. Just to add a touch of the unexpected, I designed her card with a very light Peony in the background to add a sense of whismy. Kate was an absolute pleasure to work with, in fact that hardest part was deciding which engagement photo to use, all were equally gorgeous. Invitations for her August wedding to come soon...